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January 15, 2012
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  • What do Consumers Want in 2012? Here’s a Peek from CES Las Vegas!
  • Carter Federal Credit Union is Putting Louisiana Consumers on the Map.
  • XCEL Federal Credit Union is the Lending Leader for Northern New Jersey Consumers.
  • Apply for the 2012 Green CSM Certification Program.

What do Consumers Want in 2012? Here’s a Peek from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

Are you wondering what’s in store for consumers in 2012? Here’s what San Francisco Chronicle reporter James Temple experienced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Any trade show that spans the better part of a week and almost 2 million square feet of space will, by definition, be about a lot of things. But as I walked the floor, listened to the keynotes and scanned the announcements at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, a handful of themes stood out. Here are the highlights and lowlights, the promising and surprising, and the disappointing and ridiculous things I noticed:

CES this year was about thin laptops and big smart phones, high-resolution TVs and high-IQ appliances. It was about making devices prettier, like the HP Envy 14 Spectre and the Dell XPS 13. And it was about working to make gadgets easier to use by, among other things, replacing remotes, keyboards and mice with voice, touch and motion.

It was a tale of two technology giants struggling to regain their glory after stumbling badly along the path to the mobile future. Microsoft and Intel took pains to demonstrate that they're making the transition by highlighting the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, HTC and Nokia smart phones running on Microsoft's mobile software, and Lenovo and Motorola mobile devices powered by Intel chips.

From useful to absurd
There were small things that solved real problems, such as Griffin's forthcoming mount for suspending smart phones or e-readers from upright and locked airline tray tables, relieving passengers of the arm cramps that come with holding them up through a movie.

We saw additional hints of how technology will become increasingly wearable and personal - or, to put it another way, how we're slowly turning ourselves into cyborgs.

As pointed out earlier, Innovega of Seattle showed off contact lenses that can display ../images to the wearer, so your e-mails can pop up literally right before your eyes and you can view the world through a layer of augmented reality.

Think Yelp reviews on the side of restaurants or the latest tweet from the person walking past you! Many people will reflexively say, "No thanks, a line between personal technology and invasive technology has been definitively crossed!" And they'd be right.

In some ways, CES this year was about where we're going, rather than where we are. We were continually reminded that we're on the precipice of some fundamental advances in technology. Carriers are rolling out zippy fourth-generation wireless networks. Microsoft is introducing an operating system with touch control on tablets and PCs. And a next generation of chips will offer big improvements in power and energy consumption.

These developments promise to bring about more fully realized versions of the ideas already at work in the ultra-books, phones and TVs on display at the show, ultimately delivering smaller, thinner, faster, smarter, more intuitive, better integrated and ubiquitously connected devices.

We saw lots of power plays. The almost neurotic need for juice in our increasingly gadget-centric world has spawned new product lines, like a bevy of battery cases for smart phones, and battery-equipped backpacks.

As always ...
As always, there were plenty of iPhone covers at the show. They were tricked out with batteries, blinged-out with jewels or equipped with bottle openers. They were waterproof, drop-proof or foolproof. And, for the most part, they were hideously ugly.

As always, there were thousands of exhibitors on the showroom floor insisting the headphones, TVs, laptops and smart phones that worked perfectly fine last month are now horribly antiquated and out of fashion.

And yet ...
CES also showcased how the mobile and Internet revolutions continue to change lives and commerce in meaningful ways, as the automotive, health care, entertainment, online, robotics and other industries all leverage apps, phones and tablets to invent new business models, better meet consumer needs and create new jobs. Even as the economy remains in a funk for most industries, CES set a record for exhibitors and nearly surpassed the all-time attendee mark.

Finally we also saw how these unrivaled forces for growth and innovation face serious risks from the policy choices before us.

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